The Welsh Government must "up its game" by banning single-use plastics

A debate in the Senedd this week (Wednesday 12th June) has called on the Welsh Government to back a ban on single-use plastics.


The motion, supported by Montgomeryshire Assembly Member, Russell George, aimed to see Wales follow the UK Government's lead in its 25 Year Environment Plan, which has brought forward important measures such as the ban on microbeads in personal care and cosmetic products and a ban on plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds.


The motion also called on the Welsh Government to introduce a drink containers deposit return scheme for Wales.


Following the debate, Mr George said:

“The Welsh Government must do more to tackle the scourge of single-use plastics by following the UK Government's lead, but proactive policy has been sadly lacking from the Welsh Government to date.


“There has been some success when it comes to recycling, but even the most recent statistics show a worrying downturn.  


“At the moment, Wales is behind the curve, and whether this is a capacity or leadership issue, it’s clear that we need to up our game.


“I urge the Welsh Government to take heed and ensure that Wales becomes a world leader in tackling single-use plastic and by doing so, preserve our streets, countryside and wildlife here in Powys for generations to come.”