New Powys County Council policy on access to household recycling centres "absurd"

A new Powys County Council policy which imposes a blanket restriction on small vans entering household recycling centres has been described as “absurd” by the Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire, Russell George.


Mr George has been contacted by local residents who have  complained that they have been barred from entering their local recycling sites in small vans because they are seen as “commercial vehicles” in spite of it being their only household vehicle which is not used for commercial purposes.


Powys County Council responded to say that in order to make savings, there would be no “dilution” of the policy to accommodate those people who use small vans as their only mode of transport.


Mr George said:


“Powys County Council’s inflexibility is absolutely absurd and shows a total lack of common sense.


“One resident explained that he only has access to a small van as his only mode of transport and the council have basically said that it is not their problem and that he won’t be able to access any household recycling centre to dispose of his non-commercial waste.


“My constituent even offered to provide evidence that his vehicle is not insured for commercial purposes but Powys County Council have simply put up a brick wall in front of him.


“It cannot be right that residents are discriminated against for owning a small van for personal use and I would like to see a reversal of this ill-conceived policy which only makes people wonder what they are paying their council tax for if they can’t access the services which are provided by the council.


Guilsfield resident Ian Harrison added:


“This is an issue which many people are concerned about, the change of policy makes no sense, and I hope that when we have a new intake of councillors in May, this decision will be reversed.”