State of the Roads - Survey Results

Potholes and poorly maintained roads are a frustration for all of us. As well as making your journey uncomfortable they can seriously damage vehicles as well as damaging the local economy. The condition of the road network in North Powys is an issue which is frequently raised with me so I am keen on gaining views.

The National Assembly's Economy, Infrastructure & Skills Committee have recently undertaked an Inquiry which will look at the state of roads across the whole of Wales.

In addition, the Committee has looked into the viability and value for money of major construction projects such as the Newtown Bypass.

While I am conducting this survey as your Assembly Member, rather than on behalf of the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee, your responses have helped me to understand your views on the "State of the Roads" in North Powys and have helped me to reflect these in questioning witnesses and Ministers during the inquiry.

The results are below.

More information of how to report defects with the local road network can be found here

Details about how your information will be used are available here


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