Visit to Dal dy Dir to celebrate National Lottery Funding

Dal dy Dir at Forest Cottages has been joined by the local AM for Montgomeryshire to celebrate their recent National Lottery funding success.


The group was joined by Russell George, the Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire, to celebrate their success in obtaining £46,265 in funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.


The group will now work with their volunteers to create a small working farm in Powys, where people can access training and self-employment opportunities. The project will involve developing a small woodland, paddocks and cottages into a space where people can try out and develop new skills. The group will then provide support in accessing employment. 


The project will be open to all but with a specific focus on working with people with disabilities and those who face marginalisation.


Following the visit, Mr George said:


"I would like to congratulate Dal dy Dir on securing National Lottery funding for their project which will make such a difference to those people who are disabled or face marginalisation to help them access training and develop new skills.


"I was delighted to visit the Dal dy Dir team to learn more about the group's work at their small working farm and their plans for the future which will see them develop a small woodland, paddocks and cottages help people develop skills which will support vulnerable groups in particular to gain access to employment opportunities.


"I'm very much looking forward to visiting the other projects across Montgomeryshire to see how this invaluable National Lottery funding is invested for the benefit of the people of North Powys and I congratulate the dedicated local people who have applied and were successful in securing this investment for their projects."