Statement - Sport Wales

Russell George

Can I thank the Minister for her statement today, and can I also state that I think that it is particularly important to thank the staff, who have been through a very difficult period? Many concerns have been raised by staff not of their making, and I think tribute should be paid to them through this difficult time. The organisation, as a Government-sponsored body, has been accused of being unwilling to listen, lacking transparency and being obsolete in its thinking. So, now you have had time to reflect, can I ask: do you believe that you did act early enough and at the right time, and were the correct governance procedures in place before you suspended the board? Can I also ask: can you give an assurance today to the Chamber that you think the right governance procedures are in place now and, indeed, ongoing?


Can I also ask when you expect the review to be completed and made public? Also, with regard to the chair's previous review on the effectiveness of Sport Wales—I wasn't quite sure when you previously answered this question—do you intend to investigate the structural issues identified in there as part of your all-encompassing review? I’d just like some clarification on that.


You have provided the credentials in some detail of Lawrence Conway, so I thank you for that, but I wonder if you could also provide us with some more information on John Taylor. Clearly, there’s a big task of work to do, and their ability to fulfil the roles is, of course, a question that I think we all need to have some assurance on, so, please, some more information on John Taylor's credentials.


And finally, could I ask how the business as an organisation has been affected? And by that, I'm referring to the day-to-day running of Sport Wales, but also more long term as well, especially with regard to financial planning. You mentioned it in your statement about making these changes now for the new financial year, but have some of those issues of financing with regard to the new financial year been affected as a result of the suspension of the board?