Russell George signs a scale to protect our seas

Shadow Environment Minister and AM for Montgomeryshire, Russell George, is supporting Wildlife Trusts Wales’ Petition Fish campaign to protect our seas and the amazing wildlife it supports. He has shown his support by signing a scale on a Petition Fish at a launch event in the Senedd yesterday (24.1.12).

Mr George said: “In Wales, we have always had a strong connection to the sea and the plants and animals it sustains. A healthy and productive sea provides us with oxygen to breathe and food to eat. The creation of well-managed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) will help our seas to recover and flourish by managing activities that can damage wildlife. I will do what I can to keep up the pressure on the Government to create a network of well-managed Marine Protected Areas around Wales.”

Simon King OBE, President of The Wildlife Trusts, said: “Our seas are stressed from over-fishing, pollution and climate change. However, they can be transformed into Living Seas that pulsate with life and colour and are a source of wonder to us all. The Assembly has the power to manage and protect our seas to help them become some of the most productive and wildlife-rich on earth. You can remind the Government of its commitment to Marine Protected Areas by signing a Petition Fish scale at or texting FISH to 60777.”

 The Petition Fish will return to the Senedd later in the year to demonstrate to Welsh Government the level of public support for Marine Protected Areas in Wales.

Notes to Editors:

  · There are six Wildlife Trusts in Wales working together to protect wildlife for the future. Between us, we have more than 30,000 members and manage 230 nature reserves, including 28 coastal reserves. We also campaign at local, regional, and national level for better protection of wildlife and the environment in Wales.

  · The Wildlife Trusts have been campaigning for many years for comprehensive legislation to achieve better protection for marine wildlife and effective management of our seas. For more information, please visit

  · ‘Petition Fish’ is Wildlife Trusts Wales’ campaign to gather public support for marine Protected Areas and Marine Conservation Zones. in Wales. Signed scales are being attached to our fish, which will eventually ‘shoal’ together to the Senedd and Westminster to demonstrate the level of public support for MPAs. For more information, please visit