Local politicians meet with Post Office to discuss banking services

Local politicians have met with senior Post Office officials to discuss banking services in Mid Wales.


Russell George, Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire, invited Post Office management to meet with him after a series of banking closures across Powys in recent years.


The meeting, which took place at Llanidloes Town Council offices follows the recent closure of the town's Barclays branch, which until recently was the only remaining bank in the town.


Following the meeting, Mr George said:


"I was pleased that senior Post Office management agreed to come to Mid Wales to discuss the banking services which it can offer to fill the gap which has been left by the closure of bank branches across North Powys.


"We have seen high street bank branches close right across Montgomeryshire and I was pleased that Llanidloes Town Council were also involved in this positive meeting, at which the Post Office outlined the services which it provides.


"While I acknowledge that the Post Office is unable to offer all of the services which a bank provides, the Post Office offers more services than people realise from processing bill payments, ordering foreign currency and even dealing with personal and business banking transactions of virtually all banks.


"It's often unnecessary for people to travel many miles passed the nearest post office to the nearest bank and with convenient opening hours.


"Using the Post Office as a one stop shop could also make local Post Offices more sustainable and I was pleased that Post Office management committed to looking at what other services it may be able to provide in the future.


"They also agreed to look at concerns relating to confidentiality, queuing, staffing hours and signage especially when Post Office facilities are housed in convenience stores such as in the Spar in Llanidloes.


"I would also like to thank Llanidloes Town Council for taking part in this positive meeting and in taking a proactive approach in ensuring that local banking services are maintained and strengthened via the Post Office."