AM welcomes Minister’s pledge to meet Mid Wales business

Montgomeryshire Assembly Member, Russell George, said he was pleased that the Business and Enterprise Minister was prepared to meet business leaders in Montgomeryshire.

During ministerial questions, Mr George raised the concerns of the Mid Wales Tourism Partnership that traffic congestion in Newtown was having a detrimental impact on the tourism industry in Mid Wales.

Commenting Mr George said:

"I am pleased that the Business Minister seems to be more interested in the traffic problems in and around Newtown than her colleague, the Minister for Local Government and Transport.

"The traffic congestion is having a major impact on small business in the tourism, hospitality and leisure sector in Mid Wales. Tourists visiting the area have become so fed-up of waiting in long queues of traffic, they are avoiding the area completely.

"This is significant as tourism along with agriculture provide the backbone of the region’s economy.

"I am sure business leaders will appreciate the opportunity to tell the Minister first hand, the problems they are experiencing."


The Business Minister agreed to come to meet local business leaders following a request by Mr George.