AM 'amazed' by Minister's comments on Newtown traffic

Montgomeryshire Assembly Member, Russell George, has called comments made by the Transport Minister that the traffic problems in Newtown have improved in the last eighteen months, ‘laughable’.


In a recent letter to Mr George regarding the continuing traffic problems in the region, Mr Sargent said that while the Government’s before and after study was not completed, "recalibration of the traffic management system would appear to have improved traffic conditions", with initial findings showing " a general reduction in journey times for west bound traffic and an unchanged position for east bound traffic."


Commenting Mr George said:


"I am amazed by these comments from the Minister. Anyone who lives or travels through the area will know that over the last 18 months since the Welsh Government's traffic management system was installed, the flow of traffic has deteriorated considerably.


"These are frankly ludicrous comments, which if the situation wasn’t so serious and so frustrating, would be laughable."


"The Minister must give proper consideration to the re-installation of the Kerry Road roundabout to ease the problem in the short-term. The long-term solution is straightforward – fast-track the Newtown Bypass so that construction starts without delay.


"I think the Minister and other members of the Government need to travel up to Montgomeryshire and see the problem first hand for themselves. They need to speak to commuters and businesses who are affected every single day by the traffic chaos.


"That is why I have written to Mr Sargeant and to the Business Minister, Mrs Hart, asking them for a meeting in Newtown to discuss Mid Wales transport issues, like the Newtown Bypass because the people of Mid Wales have suffered this traffic misery for far too long."




Notes for Editors:

The letter from Carl Sargeant AM is attached for reference, as is the initial letter sent by Mr George.


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