Abermule Business Park

30  November 2018

Dear Cllr Rosemarie & Cllr Phyl

We appreciate how difficult it must be to respond to the various pressures which the Local Authority faces.

You will be aware that we have all raised with you our strong disagreement and objection to the Council’s intention to develop a recycling bulking facility and transfer plant at Abermule Business Park.

This site was originally selected as a site suitable for special job creating hi-tech businesses which may be attracted to mid Wales. It was recognised by the Development Board for Rural Wales that some businesses would not be attracted to a traditional industrial development site. At the time, there were similar unusually located sites attached to Aberystwyth University, the St Giles business park in Newtown and a single large industrial unit at Montgomery. No-one, absolutely no-one would have contemplated a waste transfer site at such a location.

We don’t believe that developing a recycling bulking facility and transfer plant at this location should have ever been a serious prospect.

It was disappointing that the Council’s Planning Committee gave consent to the recent application. It is difficult to understand that the Planning Committee would have given permission for any other developer to establish such a development on this site.

We understand that there may be financial implications, in that the site is owned by the Council. This should not have been a consideration in relation to planning permission. In part, we believe the argument before Councillors in deciding to consider this site was a shortage of alternative sites.

Each of us have been made aware of more appropriate and alternative sites that we believe would be more suitable for a recycling bulking facility and transfer plant as proposed.

I hope you will hear the widespread concern of the residents of Abermule and from many others, and further consider this development. In our opinion, it is in the wrong place, and should never have been given planning permission.

We ask you to consider stalling any works commencing on this site and allow time to consider further sites for this development to be located.

We would be prepared to meet with you to discuss alternative sites.

Kind Regards

Cllr Gareth Pugh, Dolforwyn County Councillor                                         

Russell George AM, Montgomeryshire Assembly Member                       

Glyn Davies MP, Montgomeryshire Member of Parliament