Recycling Survey - The Results


This recycling survey was conducted during February and March 2017, by directly mailing surveys to people’s homes across Montgomeryshire with a freepost envelope for return, there was also an online version of the survey.

In total, 487 Montgomeryshire residents responded to the online survey, and 5127 by post.


Views on the current recycling collection
When asked about the current recycling collection from their home, over a third of respondents believed collection was adequate. However, a number of constituents were concerned about their recycling collection. This data suggests that, although some are content with the current recycling collection, further work could be done to identify the reason for dissatisfaction.


Views on 3 weekly refuse collection

When asked for views on the 3 weekly refuse (non-recycling) collection, a third of respondents believe the present 3 weekly collection was adequate. A majority had the preference that there should be a fortnightly collection. Only 17% of respondents had the view that a weekly collection should take place.
A clear majority of respondents do not believe that the introduction of the 3 weekly refuse collection has caused an increase in the amount they recycle.
How much do you recycle?
Almost half of all respondents believe they recycle 50-75% of their waste, with 28% believing they recycle over 75% of their waste. Most respondents believe they recycle the majority of their waste.

Views on Recycling Centres
Only 1% of respondents said that they never use Powys County Council recycling centres. The data shows that most respondents regularly use the facilities.
The most decisive view in the survey was that 99% of respondents believe that either no further recycling centres should be closed, or believe that the council should fund further recycling centres. Less than 1% of people had the view that a further site should be closed to make savings.
Almost half of all respondents were only prepared to travel 0-5 miles to a recycling centre. This supports the view that recycling centres should be located within a reasonable distance of homes in order to sustain high levels of recycling. 
Headline Findings and Conclusions
• 99% of respondents opposed further recycling centres closing.
• 81% of respondents believed that the amount they recycle has not increased as a result of general waste collections moving from 2 weekly to 3 weekly collections.
• Just over half of respondents thought that 2 weekly collections should be reintroduced. However, only 17% of respondents consider that weekly collections should be returned.
A space was provided for constituents to voice their own concerns about recycling in Montgomeryshire. Repeated concerns included:
• The reduction of plastic recycling contributing to an increase in constituents’ general waste. Some constituents suggested that a reduction of plastic packaging would combat this issue. 
• Concern was expressed by some constituents about the cost of collecting food waste separately, they believe that it should be collected with recycling. A related concern was the environmental impact of using separate collection vehicles.
• A significant concern was the possibility of further recycling centre closures causing an increase in fly tipping, which would have a substantial environmental impact to the area. 
• Other concerns with recycling centres included the introduction of new rules discouraging constituents to recycle. 
• Constituents also requested that more bottle banks were locally available to increase the amount they recycle.