Reconfiguration of Health Services

I believe in the common-sense approach that NHS services should be delivered as close as possible to home.
There is a real sense of deep frustration that access to healthcare is moving further away from our local communities as services are centralised in more densely populated areas, meaning that we have to travel longer distances to obtain quality health provision.
Most of us in North Powys depend heavily on services provided across our border by The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. As residents of Mid Wales, there is real concern as services are moved from the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital to Telford.
The people of Montgomeryshire have clearly stated that they want services to be retained and strengthened in Shrewsbury. Therefore, while no decision has been officially made, it was encouraging to learn from a ‘leaked’ report that the non-financial, evidence-based assessment seems to point to the retention of A&E services at the Royal Shrewsbury. If the speculation is confirmed by Future Fit, the organisation which has been charged with making a decision on naming a preferred site for emergency and other health services, it will be a victory for common sense as both Glyn Davies MP and I have always maintained that emergency care serving Shropshire and Mid Wales should be located in the centre of the region, Shrewsbury. 
Regrettably, the Future Fit Programme Board has delayed a formal recommendation due to concerns around the decision making process and there is justifiable concern at the uncertainty and ongoing delays surrounding the process of evaluating the future provision of health services in both Shrewsbury and Telford.
I understand that the next stage in the decision making process will be the financial appraisal of the different options and it is hoped that the recommendations will then go out from the Future Fit Programme Board for a 12 week public consultation between December of this year and March 2017. I would encourage you all to respond to the consultation when it is published and I will let you know how you can do this in due course.
The delivery of the best possible health services for the people of Mid Wales has to be the top priority. I will continue to campaign for the best possible outcome for residents in Montgomeryshire.