Newtown Bypass

Newtown Bypass Update

I am pleased to report there has been significant progress of the Newtown bypass, with sections of the bypass now visible at the roundabout on the Kerry Road, at Glandulas, Dolfor Road and on the Pool Road. I also have news about a fun run and walk on part of the bypass which will take place this month.

After recently visiting the site, I was impressed with the progress made and it is certainly taking shape. With the warm dry weather over the Summer it has allowed the contractors, Alun Griffiths, to progress earthworks ahead of schedule, with most now reaching completion. Drainage and road construction is progressing where the earthworks have been finalised, with approximately 60,000 tonnes of surfacing needing to be laid before the bypass can be opened to the public. Now the weather has cooled down, landscaping and planting is taking place to allow new plants to establish.

Completion is planned for the early part of next year and those of us who have vehicles are expected to be able to drive on the completed bypass in early Spring. You may wish to see the latest fly through of the project which was recorded in July:

The Dolfor Road bridge is the longest of the seven bridges on the bypass, 80 metres in length and standing 20 metres tall the bridge has nine pairs of steel beams which weigh 35 tonnes each. The flute shaped piers of the structure contain 540 cubic metres of concrete, the equivalent of 90 concrete lorries. The beams are built to look rusty as they are made of weathering steel which is specially formulated to corrode at a controlled rate over the bridges 120 year expected life span. This means that the bridge will be cheaper and safer to maintain over its life span.

Approximately 22,000 man hours have been worked on the Dolfor Bridge alone and, having seen it first hand, is an impressive example of structural engineering as is the whole construction project.

Alun Griffiths Contractors have announced a Charity Fun Run event on the bypass which will take place on Sunday 21st October 2018 whereby a completed section of the bypass will be used.

In the morning, an elite 5k run will begin at 9.30am followed by an amateur/club run at 11.30am. All runners must be 14 years and over to take part and all money raised will go to the Wales Air Ambulance and Cancer Research UK but people will be able to raise money for their own chosen charities. Then, in the afternoon, a fun walk for families, children included, will take place between 1pm and 3pm.

I understand that all spaces have now been filled for the walk and limited spaces remain for the run. I have asked the Welsh Government to allow a further walk to take place on the full bypass route before it opens without limits on the numbers of walkers or attendees. I will keep you informed.

The Welsh Government has confirmed to me and Newtown Town Council that they are open to exploring certain structures along the bypass (roundabouts / bridges) being named. Newtown Town Council is currently consulting on this. I hope to report further details in my next update.

From now until completion, I will continue to lobby that landowners and homeowners who are affected will be treated with courtesy and respect.