Bank Closure Survey

Barclays Bank Closures Survey

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I was very concerned on June 16th to be contacted by Barclays Bank informing me of their plans to close their Newtown and Welshpool branches in September 2022.

I'm now running a survey to ensure that I can present the views of local residents to the bank. I would be grateful for your help in filling in the survey with your thoughts.

If you would prefer a paper copy of the survey to be sent to you, please contact my office on 01686 610887.

Do you use either Barclays branch in Welshpool or Newtown, both or none?
How regularly do you visit a bank branch?
Do you use online banking services?
How important, on a scale of 1 to 5, do you think local provision of banks is?
Do you feel the planned bank closures will negatively impact trade on Welshpool and/ or Newtown high streets?
Do you regularly access banking services through Post Office branches?
Do you drive?
Will public transport availability impact your ability to get to other banks?